Why Weekday Weddings are Worth Considering

In recent years, there’s been a rise in the popularity of weekday weddings. No longer do couples have to set their sights on weekends if they want their wedding days to be as affordable and stress-free as possible (which is pretty much every couple’s dream). Weddings can now take place any day of the week and you still get the same gorgeous setting and lovely memories. 

But what makes them so great? At Sand Castle, we believe weekday weddings are worth considering – and here’s why!

Make Sure Your VIP Guests Can Make It 

One of the biggest drawbacks to weekday weddings is that they can be difficult for out-of-town guests who may have to take time off work or fly in for just one day. But if you’re thinking about hosting your wedding on a Monday or Tuesday, you might consider having it in the morning or afternoon instead of the evening. That way, guests from out of town will have time to make the trip and still be home in time for work the next day.

Give Your Guests Plenty Of Time To Prepare

If you’re interested in having a weekday wedding, be sure to make your plans known well in advance. Not only will this give your guests plenty of time to book their travel and accommodation, but it will also ensure that everyone knows about the big day and can plan accordingly. Remember, too, that there’s no such thing as too much notice when it comes to planning for a wedding. 

Consider A Casual Ceremony

This type of wedding is perfect for those who want to keep the ceremony small and intimate. If you’re planning on having a casual ceremony, it’s important to find an officiant that is available on weekdays. Consider asking one of your loved ones to get ordained and marry you in a private ceremony! 

Prolong The Celebration 

If you’re looking for an alternative to the Saturday or Sunday wedding, weekday weddings might be worth considering. It’s not uncommon for couples who tie the know during the week to celebrate well into the weekend and make it a prolonged event. 

For example, the night before your weekday wedding, you could schedule a rehearsal dinner at home with just family present. Then on your wedding day, you can have an intimate ceremony with family and close friends to accommodate any guests who weren’t there the night before. 

Brunches are another great way to continue celebrating your love; if some of your favorite people couldn’t attend the weekday wedding, consider planning a casual brunch at one of your favorite restaurants or keep it simple by setting it up in your backyard! 

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