Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Color Palette

From finding your dream outfit to picking the perfect venue, organizing a wedding encompasses an ample variety of details. To make things easier, consider selecting a color palette to match your style and personality. 

Our team of professional wedding planners has all the tips you need to help guide you when choosing decorations, floral arrangements, accessories and more! 

Let Your Venue Inspire You

Picking a venue is one of the most personal experiences of wedding planning. Most couples try to find a place that makes them feel connected and comfortable, a setting that is unique to their persona. Luckily, most event locations offer a “blank slate” space to be customized by their clients. This allows you to envision potential decorative elements such as flowers, lighting and fabrics. 

Find colors that will enhance and complement the pre-existing elements of your venue to ensure a cohesive and elegant ambiance on your special day!  

Think Seasonally

Your wedding will be a unique combination of both your personalities; therefore, you should allow yourself to find elements that will reflect who you are as individuals and as a couple. This includes your favorite colors and textures. If, for instance, your preferred color is blue, select different shades to match the seasons; light blue is ideal for illuminating summer and spring weddings, whereas darker shades will bring warmth and elegance during the colder months. 

Additionally, playing with accent colors is the perfect way to lighten or darken your color palette.

Do Some Research

Magazines and websites are a great way to get started on your quest to find your dream wedding colors. Go even further by consulting a color wheel; this will be a visual example of how colors coordinate with each other. Typically, opposite colors combine beautifully because they pair warm and cool tones. 

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