Tips on Giving the Perfect Wedding Speech

Writing the perfect speech can be challenging because of all the different directions you could take it in. It can be a struggle when you want to share your love while making people laugh. 

Don’t worry; we’re here to guide you in the right direction so that you can impress the crowd and, of course, the newlywed couple!

Here are some Do’s:

  • Prepare Your Speech.

Think of what you want to say before putting pen to paper. Perhaps, you could discuss the impact the couple has made in your life or talk about your favorite adventures with them. Once you have brainstormed some ideas, begin writing on a piece of paper or notecard. This will allow you to avoid getting off-topic or repeating the same message. Additionally, you will feel less stress as you will already know what you are going to say.

  • Be Personable.

Share personal stories or moments that show your appreciation towards the couple. People will learn how close you are to the couple. The more personable the speech is, the more it will stand out. This is the time to express your love for the newly wedded couple.

Then, there are a few Don’ts:

  • Talk for too long.

As much as everyone would love to hear all the great times you had with the couple, people have a short attention span. Many individuals will want to give a speech which means they are not going to want to sit through twenty minutes of speeches. When preparing your speech, try to keep it under five minutes to get your message across easily.

  • Know Your Audience.

Your speech should be appropriate for a wedding. Perhaps, don’t share an embarrassing story that the couple may not want their parents or co-workers to know about. If you are unsure if your speech is family-friendly, ask one of your friends to read it. It is better to be safe than sorry.

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