A Comprehensive Guide for Your Post-Wedding Tasks

Phew! The weight has been taken off your shoulders because all that planning for your big day is now over. Welcome to married life! Although your wedding to-do list is checked off, it is time to complete your post-wedding responsibilities. 

The wedding professionals at Sand Castle are here to share their professional advice on important tasks to complete before going on your honeymoon. Grab a pen and a notepad, and prepare your new checklist!

Update Your Last Name Change on Legal Documents

Since you are a newlywed, you may consider changing your last name to your significant other’s. One important task you should complete before traveling is ensuring that your last name is updated to match your plane ticket and new photo identification card. A US passport name update may take up to six weeks. Therefore, you could wait to change your name legally until after your honeymoon. No matter what you decide, you should keep this information in mind to ensure a seamless name change process!

Write Thank-You Cards

It is crucial to thank everyone who attended your wedding and gave or sent you a gift. The standard rule is to send out your thank-you cards within three months of the event. You can split them up with your significant other to make the task less overwhelming. Make sure to sign both names underneath the note to show appreciation. Although it may feel tedious, it is a thoughtful way to show your gratitude to your guests! 

Start Paying Any Leftover Wedding Expenses

Aren’t you glad that the stress from wedding planning is over? Now, it is time to start organizing your finances. Make sure that all wedding expenses and tips have been distributed. If you have any payments that need to be made, create a budget to pay them off. You can also make a spreadsheet to help keep track of which vendor payment has been taken care of and which ones have not. By getting everything paid, you will be able to relax, enjoy your honeymoon, and start saving for your future adventures. 

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